Asset Owners

Market Intelligence

We create bespoke newsletter based on your interest and exposure and publish daily/monthly/quarterly basis to keep you abreast with all events that matters to you.

Manager Search and Diligence

αQuest offers investment solutions with multi-asset capability to help institutions build portfolios that seek to deliver differentiated outcomes. We specialize in identifying, researching and monitoring the leading global asset managers across strategies.ion data.

Review of Investment Opportunities

We review deal tear sheets outlining investment thesis and risks during initial evaluation. We run rigorous analysis of potential opportunity with emphasis on the down-side. We prepare detailed investment memo including advanced term sheet, investment theses and risk mitigation, operations, key management.

Portfolio Management & Analytics

We can actively monitor your portfolio, run attribution and contribution analysis, slice and dice these portfolio positions to gather actionable intelligence.

Performance and Risk Reporting

We offer portfolio valuation, VaR modeling, risk reporting and performance benchmarking on a monthly and quarterly basis.

Cash Flow Projection

Spreadsheet modeling to predict cash flows for private capital funds based on historical contribution

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