Portfolio Management and Risk Analytics

αQuest Advisors helps institutional asset managers and wealth managers with critical insights on broader capital market trends, model multi-asset portfolio, specific investment opportunities, and risks (micro and macro level) analysis to enable them construct well diversified investment portfolio. Further, we support Investment Managers with performance monitoring and measurement of their portfolios for long term outperformance.

  • Help create sustainable investment strategy based on goals, risk tolerance, constraints and future needs of capital. We run capital market model for you to vet your market assumptions produce strategic asset allocation
  • Portfolio construction support across public equities, sukuk and bonds and alternative strategies from building screeners based on defined parameters to detailed analysis of potential opportunities
  • Portfolio monitoring: Continuous tracking and comparison of the performance of portfolio companies/funds to provide you with actionable intelligence that keeps you on top of your portfolio
  • Our portfolio management capabilities allow investment managers to view exposures and holdings, understand the impact of asset allocation and de-risking decisions, and construct portfolios that are aligned with investment mandates.
  • Manager diligence and selection support across strategies and geographies.
  • Ex-ante risk modeling and ex-post risk measurement, scenario and trend analysis
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